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Thread: Multiple pinholecamera

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    Multiple pinholecamera

    I've been exprimenting to make a multiple pinhole camera.
    I was inspired by Egyptian paintings which are Isometric.
    Which means it kinda doesn't have perspective, which could be similar to Telescopic lens photography.
    I think Egyptian paintings are not premitive compaired to those of the western paintings with perspective.
    Egypt's god being very far It would have been much more logical in the god's view that things appear very isometric.

    The main idea was simple. To make multiple pinhole plate and make those individual pinholes be directed to a separate tube.
    At first I've tried to make a prototype with black plastic straws but for some reason(maybe because of the reflection of the plastic) the image came too blurry.
    My next attempt was to make a loose prototype made with toiletpaper.
    And this is how it came out.

    I really did hope to photograph a human face but when the picture was taken no model was available.

    (It's a plastic skull model from my studio.) Attached files

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    Multiple pinholecamera

    Very interesting result...

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    Multiple pinholecamera

    Very cool result, wenonot. I went back to my notebook and found the notes for a similar design (never carried out) from about 4 years ago. Perhaps it is time to start saving my toilet paper tubes . . .

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    Multiple pinholecamera

    Would this mean its a roll film camera?

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    Multiple pinholecamera

    thanks all,

    earlj> It took me about a month to collect 16 of them.

    To me your plan looks really interesting, especially the different focal lenth of the tubes.

    Looking forward to see your camera work.

    Isis> I couldn;t afford to work with film. It's just all plain B&W RC photopaper.

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