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Thread: Tektronix Polaroid Cameras?

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    Tektronix Polaroid Cameras?

    I just rescued two Tektronix C5C cameras from some unknown fate...

    Anyone know if the Fuji Instant film is the right size and if it ejects properly in such cameras?

    I wonder if people are pinholing with Fuji Instant, too...

    I hated to see these cameras get discarded, am am not sure whether to take the lens/shutter off for pinhole...the fixed focal length must be pretty restrictive if one wants to shoot anything besides a CRT :O(

    gotta be good for something!...

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    Tektronix Polaroid Cameras?

    I can't get at my Tectronix camera to check its model number or features, but remember it as a device with many photographic possibilities. In the dark ages before scanners, computers, and ink jet printers, it could be used as a fixed format copy camera. The shutter had a useful range of speeds, although perhaps not threaded for lens elements on the rear. The bellows could be removed for other use. The well-made Polaroid back could be removed and attached to a PH body. Yankee ingenuity could run wild with these cameras.

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    Tektronix Polaroid Cameras?

    Back in the day, we'd remove the rear element (yep, it was so threaded), and use them to take Holga-esque photos in the lab.
    Cameras were quite forbidden in aerospace facilities (still are despite damned near every cell phone having one), but we made do...

    No reason you couldn't unscrew both elements and cobble in a pinhole.
    As I recall, the lens thread was pretty large diameter, so I don't think obstruction by the shutter would cause vignetting.

    Now, let us know if the Fuji fits!


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    Tektronix Polaroid Cameras?

    Aerospace Polaroid Tektronix pinhole...?

    Sounds like... I dunno what...

    No bellows, just a rigid 'scope hood. I took that off to figure out the 'free' f.l. and for object distances further than a scope screen, it's pretty short, 3-4 inches...

    Then I saw the simple lens retainer on the back, so I did take the rear element out...just remove the retainer plate and shake over one's palm to catch the element...rather thick, nearly plano convex on the inside.

    So now the f.l with front element only is pretty long...gotta be 10+/- 2", need to have a tape measure handy next time.

    Shutter has 0.1-5 seconds with the 500k pot, momentary toggle switch to fire, latching in other position for 'B'.

    Here's the cool part...throw the switch to 'B', then unplug the battery pack, and the shutter stays open indefinitely. I'm not sure what made me try this, but I was thinking about battery drain with long exposures.

    Now I wonder if the shutter uses a latching device, with the open and close pulse being separate events... pretty loud & clunky....

    Pretty interesting little contraption. At the moment the hood & back (oh yeah, has a flash built into the 'upper deck of the back') are removed, leaving a 5/8-3/4" thick section that is a bit big compared to a lensboard, but could be attached to a camera front...

    I don't know for sure what size film pack it is yet...there were a limited number of possibilities I suppose...not square, not 4x5, not 2x3, and not rollfilm! I hope that only leaves the 3x4 size, but I don't know what '108' size was, having read someone's reference to that.

    Maybe one can be pinhole (for once I have a bit of practical reason...isn't this overkill for pinhole?) and the other a LF project

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    Tektronix Polaroid Cameras?

    Murry, your Tectronix Polaroid is much different than mine. Mine has a mechanical shutter with a good range of speeds and other features as noted earlier.

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