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Thread: water and brush

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    water and brush

    took advantage of the holiday today and went out and did some shooting with the zoneplate on 4x5. type 79 polaroid material. location is alviso, california - salt ponds and marsh

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    water and brush

    Thank you for the nice colours!


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    water and brush

    stunning, erin. the soft colors meld with the zp textures beautifully.

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    water and brush

    Lovely. An excellent applicaiton of the zone plate.

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    water and brush

    Lovely and subtle!

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    water and brush


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    water and brush

    The look of the brush is particularly striking... its golden color is nice against the subtle color of the water. Soft, beautiful look.

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    water and brush

    Erin, I think of these as examples of your "trademark" style: soft, subtle, dreamlike. I love them.

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    water and brush

    the first/top one is magnificent.
    thanks for posting it.


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    water and brush

    Dreamy look and lovely muted colours- a super set!

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