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Thread: Lone Tree at Giant's Ring

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    Lone Tree at Giant's Ring

    I pinholed this once before in black and white. I went back recently to shoot it again in colour. There was a huge wind blowing and I had to lean on the camera to hold in steady. That's a 5x4 Rigby with heavy Polaroid back and heavy tripod.

    The Giant's Ring is a former wooden henge situated in the suburbs of Belfast. It's a circular enclosure some 200 metres in diameter surrounded by 4 metre high earth banks with five entrances cut through the bank. This tree stands in one of these portals.
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    Lone Tree at Giant's Ring

    THAT is a beautiful tree. And so perfectly framed by the cloud.

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    Lone Tree at Giant's Ring

    I like the composition and colors, nice shot.

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    Lone Tree at Giant's Ring

    Great photo. well done.

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    Lone Tree at Giant's Ring

    Doc, I love the bold simple shapes and yet there is also great detail in the foreground grass.

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