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Thread: First camera

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    First camera

    Here is a photo of my first roll 6x6 color film.

    The camera is a converted 6x6 twin-lens where the lenses had been removed by the previous owner. I made a pinhole in a metal sheet from a tincan, punched it with a needle. The resulting pinhole was 0,34 mm in diameter. Focal length maybe 55 millimeters.

    It's a picture from the view from my apartment.

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    First camera

    Very nice, Peter. You have a good aperture - this image is nice and sharp. Let's see more . . .

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    First camera


    I'm not sure it is sharp enough, I have a feeling (or hope) that sharper is possible On the other hand, I just took a number of photos to test the camera without trying very hard. I will scan some more (after Christmas )

    Merry Christmas to everybody!

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    First camera

    Okay, here is a shot of the Yashica body and the metal I made the pinhole in. I sandwiched it between two bits of cardboard. It was then fixed to the camera with blu-tac (that bubble gum like stuff used to fix posters to a wall).

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    First camera

    And another shot from the camera. Plants standing in front of a white brick wall. Cloudy and rainy weather.

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