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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Happy New Year

    Dear f295 friends,

    I wish you all a happy New Year and all the best for the next year. Unfortunately I was so occupied by my job in the last weeks that I could not find much time for my photographic hobbies and activities at f295. This will not change much in the next months. The load of my job will go down, but I'm buying a house and a lot of renovation work waits for me. Finally it will be worth the effort because I will have more space for my hobbies and a small darkroom too!

    The Happy New Year card is a digital ( ) blend of digital pinhole pictures taken with a Canon D500 and a self-made 0.25 mm body pinhole cap. The small portrait of my wife and me was taken a few days ago with a matchbox-like paper cam (17 mm focal length, 0.15 mm SPI aperture, Polypan F @ 100 ASA, home-brewed Beutler) I built recently.

    A special thank to all the active members here. I started in January 2008 with pinhole photography. Soon I discovered f295 and was impressed by the excellent information and all the fruitful, constructive discussions. Many thanks to you, I learned a lot from you and I hope I could also contribute a little bit to the active pinhole world.

    René Attached files

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    Happy New Year

    Very nice collage, René!
    Happy New Year to you, and good luck with that renovation!


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    Happy New Year

    Many thanks for your comments, Dave.

    I used a digital camera for the picture as I had not much time and as I thought it would be faster than using my pinhole blender. But finally I spend almost the same amount of time to get the result. It wasn't faster and easier to use a digital camera.

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