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Thread: First Home made Large Format camera

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    Great thank you,
    I've made a lot of them but the problem is usually the materials used. That are to thick and therefore rigid to be performing like a normal bellows would. This is a wonderful how to, I don't know what I would do without you guys

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    First Home made Large Format camera


    I use a liner of thin black dress material and an outer of blackout curtain fabric; the fabric I get is bright white and does not dye very well (example here).

    Previously I have used the traditional glue/ cardboard stiffeners, however I have found that cutting the stiffener pattern out of iron-on heavyweight black interfacing is far superior; you iron the stiffeners on to the liner, peel off the backing paper and then iron on the outer coating. As there is only two layers of fabric and a layer of glue, the bellows fold smaller. I also cut the stiffeners so that the glue is only on the faces of the folds; the corners are just two layers of material and with no glue, fold easily. I have to thank my wife for the idea of using the interfacing!

    I have also devised a cutting pattern that keeps all the stiffeners together in a 'ladder' that makes alignment easy; the attached pictures show the method for a set of straight bellows that I made using the cardboard/ glue approach. The pattern also has the advantage that in the corners, if the bellows are stretched almost right out, there is no bending of the ends of the stiffeners.

    Best regards,


    EDIT: if you can get this , the ultra hold (for large bellows) is great, the lite is fine for small bellows. Attached files

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    This is just soo helpfull, I'll use the mentioned techniques as soon as possible. I thought my bellows making technique was quite good, but now i see I was very wrong.
    Now just need to find the right materials.

    thank you again.


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    First Home made Large Format camera

    WOW beautiful project. I'm thinking about to build a large format camera and i have a question for you.
    How about your shutter?? how you buid it and control shutter speed???

    Thanks and very compliments. it's wonderful and have a very good quality.

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