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Thread: First Home made Large Format camera

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    Quote Originally Posted by 560
    I can't find the images of my 8x10 back. However, it looks just like this old Bourke & James back. I think that most of the old backs looked pretty much the same ...

    This works if the ground glass is a permanent part of the back. If this is not the case, then you will have to make a ground glass holder that is identical dimensionally to your film holders, and where the front surface of the ground glass is the exact same distance from the front face of the holder as the film is from the front face of a typical film holder. Then you put in the glass holder, focus, and then swap it for the film holder. I think that this is the way imageon's framing spring back works.
    Exactly. The Kodak is similar to yours with ground glass and pins for rotation.

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    I would like to thank you for all of the information and comments, only now I realise that my knowledge of largeformat pgotography is very very limited. JoeVanCleave thank you for the explanation, I think I'll make a scale on the rail, even though my lens board is colapsable.

    Imageons first suggestion will probably work fine since, I am unable to obtain any 8x10˝ film holders for now. And will probably need to make some homemade ones.

    My shooting process so far is, focus, remove ground glass, turn of light, turn on red light, insert paper into foamcore holder, put it in the back and turn on the light. This works fine in the darkroom but if I am to venture outside I still have some thinking to do...

    Foamcore holders have worked fine so far, I'll give them a try until some 8x10 holders fall into my hands

    Thank you again.

    good light


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    First Home made Large Format camera

    I found the thread for my camera!

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    Elvis if you are wanting to make your own holders I would suggest you look at the excellent design by "Rayh" in his Dec 11,2008 post in the

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    earlj, really nice looking camera I need to make bellows that are a bit more flexible as I can see your's are really smooth. And my bellows are permanently clampet on the frame. But for now these will do. Only now I see a lot of design issues on my large format...

    I've seen the rayh's method of the velcro light trap and will probably take his idea into my onw holders, so interesting how the simplest designs usuall work the best.

    Thank you all again, I am really grateful for all the help.

    Good light!


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    First Home made Large Format camera

    Nice setup and looks like you are going to have some real fun working with it.

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    g'day elvis

    did i hear my name mentioned!

    great camera, love the simple design concept, though your braver than me in building a set of bellows, my designs are all sliding box

    as for film holders, i built mine first, then built the cameras to fit, see previous posts

    one of my desings had a seperate viewing screen that was replaced by the film holder for exposure but that became a pain, i then built a spring back using elastic cord, see attached

    given budgetary restraints and lack of building skills i soon realised a lot of these things don't need to complex or pretty, they just need to be functional Attached files

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    I would say Rayh that you are the MASTER of functionality ,Happy New Year.

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    First Home made Large Format camera

    Greetings Rayh, indeed we call for you in need of help, this is a great slide box camera and the back is as simple as it can be, and it looks great. I have so many ideas to work with now, next time i'll take you'r approach fitting the rest of the camera to the in advance built holders. Maybe even make a sliding box camera I have just now realised that my bellows are stil too big and rigid for landscape photography.

    Good light!


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    First Home made Large Format camera

    Elvis, Here is a tutorial on bellows making. I have never made a bellows but thought this might give you an Idea or two. I'm sure there are others' on this forum
    that have a lot of knowledge making bellows.

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