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Thread: 2006.02.16 - self portrait

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    2006.02.16 - self portrait

    stuck inside due to heavy snowfall i decided to play with my Kewpie camera, a conversion from box camera to 4x5'' sheet film

    this self portrait features the little man inside my head who keeps telling me to ''DO THINGS''

    shot with my Kewpie-Pie camera, which can be seen here:

    reality was modified with blue smoke and mirrors, handheld flash, 1/32'' acetate sheet, white plastic ''make money at home'' sign, black velvet ( expensive ! ), black cardboard ( cheap ! ), duct tape, but not Photoshop

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    2006.02.16 - self portrait

    i propose a toast to the little guy who tells you to do things- long may he live!

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    2006.02.16 - self portrait

    Long live duct tape and it's myriad of uses!

    Here, here, long may the little man live!!

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