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Thread: scanner camera (rip)

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    scanner camera (rip)

    so i was taking a picture of a bridge over a stream from atop another bridge... a gust of wind came along and sent my scanner camera overboard... i watched it sink slowly.

    time to build a new (and hopefully better) one WITH A TRIPOD MOUNT!!!!

    anyway here were some of my scannin canon's last pictures Attached files

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    scanner camera (rip)

    sorry to hear about your loss, you were producing some really interesting images...

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    scanner camera (rip)

    thank you, i am working on making one with an old kodak 5x7 view camera... should be a little more rugged and substancial than the scannin'cannon... also a bit more easy to use, with adjustable aperatures instead of duct tape over half the lens

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    scanner camera (rip)

    i am horrified to hear of the accident, but i still count on you to pave the way! i stripped down a canoscan n656 last night. the original driver won't work now (tape on led), so i am using the vuescan demo. the next step is to remove the pinhole array- did you do that? did you grind out the channel? if so, does vuescan still work?

    any suggestions/cautions about the focal length, lens type, image area you can pass along? i plan to use an old 16x20" bellows from a repromaster, and probably the lenses from it, too. not sure how to support the bellows contraption, so maybe a box would be better.

    are you using ground glass, or scanning previews? i assume there isn't enough light from a pinhole for the scanner to record anything- did you try that?

    whew- if you got through all these questions, there is an "active reader award" waiting for you! i have a million questions, obviously, and the website you linked to before has limited info, so i will take any help i can get.

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    scanner camera (rip)

    document document document!
    i want to see drawings, in progress pics, and all documentation!
    the world wants to know!

    and, I'm curious.... how did you power the scanner in the field? and, was it connected to a laptop? or how do you do the image capture...


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    scanner camera (rip)

    tom, these thin canons were bus-powered, so a laptop connection does it all. the software becomes an issue after you "damage" the scanner- original drivers freeze up. here is the page timeruinsbelief linked to that got me interested:

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    scanner camera (rip)

    yeah, a modified scanner will seem "broken" to the origional scanning software the vue scan software should work as long as the lens is open and there is enough ambiant light around to trick the software into thinking the led is working.

    in mine the lens in the scanner was removed. i didnt have to worry about focus because i was using an old brownie box camera with a fixed focus... i let the plane of the glass be the focal point and it seemed to work fine.

    if your immages have a checkerboard look to them- like some of mine do, it is because the scan head isn;t exactly parallel to the "film" plane. i would use a GEL super glue to hold it in place instead of tape which can shift.

    good luck! looking forward to your immages! and i'll keep everyone posted with the progress of my new cam!

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    scanner camera (rip)

    oh, and i haven't had any sucess with scanners that use mirrors to bounce the immage to a scanning head...
    but this guy has...

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    scanner camera (rip)

    Time to start "scanning" the second hand stores I see........

    ........and just when i thought I wouldn't need to get a new battery for my old Gateway Solo laptop!

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    scanner camera (rip)

    this looks like too much fun, are you sure this is allowed? new tools to play with .... hehe super

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