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    My newest creation: a polaroid with 120 rollfilm back (from plate camera). For shooting 6x9 negatives using autoexposure

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    Very interesting idea and it looks like you did a great job! I'm looking forward to seeing some images from it.

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    Nice clean conversion, indeed! A suitable mask in the viewfinder, and you're ready to burn some film -- and the lens isn't far from "normal" length for that format.

    Of course, if I had a roll holder like that, it'd be tempting to make the camera from a better Polaroid -- one of the glass-lens folding models, for instance, ought to be capable of competing with the images I get from my purpose-built 6x9 folders (though it's larger and heavier, it's hard to beat a $3 camera with coupled rangefinder, parallax correction, and auto exposure good up to Delta 3200 in daylight or down to multi-second exposures). If Polaroid drops pack film before 120 dies, I'll probably try a conversion like this on my 350...

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    The reason I used this one, and not anotehr is because this camera allowed me to still use polaroid packs. I just simply have to remove the rollfilm holder and snap the door back on.

    I own a coupled rangefinder folding polaroid as well (but a version with plastic lens, 220 or 320 I think). I would have to cut quite a bit more plastic to be able to get the rollfilm holder at the film plane (where it should be).

    I'd like to find a 6x9 plate camera this back was designd for... Might just make a 6x9 view camera myself.

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    Wimpler, there are dozens of 6x9 plate cameras on eBay any given day. The lottery is in finding one with a decent lens, ground glass, tight bellows, etc. at an affordable price.

    Anyway, I'm considering doing the conversion the other way -- hacking up a plastic Polaroid similar to that one to install the pack mount and rollers (and enough of the back to keep the dark in) onto a film pack adapter to make one of my 9x12 cm cameras into a 1925 Polaroid...

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