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Thread: Homemade Starmite monster #1

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    Homemade Starmite monster #1

    Once upon an evening dreary, I blindly made a camera out of the plastic lens from a Kodak Brownie Starmite and a little cardboard box (see details here: ) -- I call it my homemade Starmite monster. I threw in some photo paper just to see what would happen, and after a couple of tries out came this photo. A miracle!

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    Homemade Starmite monster #1

    I like this. I also like the fact that you didn't hesitate to obsess over the details, you just tried it. Something I need to do more of.

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    Homemade Starmite monster #1

    Time to buy some stock in black tape, I think you will build again, it's like a sickness!

    It does produce an interesting image on the "film", nice shot.

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    Homemade Starmite monster #1

    have you used ''The Beast'' lately ? i'm curious what you have in store for this ''Monster'' - surely you've not shelved it - some of the shots from it seem so promising !

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    Homemade Starmite monster #1

    I have to work up my nerve to start testing exposures outside (I have a small apartment -- limited photo ops) which I can actually do now that the days are getting longer. I'm loaded up with paper and ready to go ... soon the Monster will rise again!

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    Homemade Starmite monster #1

    i love how the computer monitor in the lower left seems to be floating in space... what were you working on while this exposed?

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    Homemade Starmite monster #1

    That's Flickr. I originally posted the photo there.
    I really loved the effect of the wide angle on the computer monitors when the negative popped up in the developer. And still do!

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