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Thread: my canned meat camera

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    my canned meat camera

    First step with my canned meat camera. The film is between 5 and 10 years old . (dont know when I bought it)

    Regards poz Attached files

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    my canned meat camera

    This is by far the best use of a canned meat can.
    Well done.

    Check the web site 'Steve don't eat it'
    to learn more about potted meat food

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    my canned meat camera

    Mmmm. a Spam Cam...

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    my canned meat camera

    Potted Meat and Powdered Milk Biscuits. A meal for the mind.

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    my canned meat camera

    Quote Originally Posted by 1622
    Potted Meat and Powdered Milk Biscuits.
    is Garrison Keillor around???

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