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Thread: Epson Perfection V500 Settings

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    If someone owns an Epson Perfection Scanner, could you share the settings you use when scanning 120 negative film. I am not sure why I cannot get some 6X6 format 120 film to scan correctly. In the "Professional Mode" what are the correct settings for size, resolution etc? I did read the manual (what there is of it) but cannot get the frame size correct.

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    What types of problems are you having? For 6x6, I typically scan at 1200 DPI, either 24-bit color or 16-bit grayscale, depending on the negatives. I leave the document size alone with target size set to original.

    Depending on the negatives, I may leave all of the options turned off, or enable color restoration, dust removal (B&W only), Digital ICE (color only). I will also play with the histogram settings sometimes.

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    Brad when I used your settings they scanned OK. I would say though that they are way to thin and underexposed. I will try to attach them so you can give me your opinion.
    Thanks for the settings. Attached files

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    It looks like you're scanning the entire field. Start by drawing a box tightly around just one frame. That will cause the scanning software to recalculate the histogram and should look much better. Or, you can use the "thumbnails" checkbox in the lower-left to have the software automatically decide where the image boundaries should be. The thumbnail feature works well unless the edge of the image is naturally black and the computer thinks that is the edge of the frame.

    If that still doesn't give you the desired result, you can combine the drawing a box with manually adjusting the histogram (second button from the left in the row of buttons).

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    Mike, I did a quick YouTube video to show some basics of what I described. It's probably a lot easier to understand by watching and listening. Unfortunately, the audio and video get out of sync at one point, so it isn't the best. I think the scanning process interfered with the video recording process.

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    Very helpful Brad. I used the "thumbnail" option and they cam out fine. Attached is the best one, reduced by 90%, I could not get them to load here on the forum at a larger size. Still need to be exposed more. What do you think?
    Thanks Attached files

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    Brad this is the first image I shot with the Zero 2000. I did not use a Shutter release cord and you can see my fingers :-) Shows a little better than the landscape I tried. I really have so much to learn.
    Thanks for all the help on scanning. Attached files

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    Brad: I watched the video. The sound was not bad. I then rescanned the best of the negatives (not the best picture) to see if there is a difference.

    Attached files

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    Those look a lot better. Getting the best exposure is always a bit of playing around with the histogram adjustments and it doesn't always work out. The ones with the car are also very sharp. It looks like you got a bit more of the frame in the second one. That's why I usually use the manual box drawing for 120 film. For 35mm scanning, I usually thumbnail because I can queue up two strips of negatives at once and go do other things while it scans.

    The V500 is a great deal IMO - only $200 for good regular and film scanning. Some days I wish I had bought the V700 for the extra batch scanning capacity, but otherwise I'm very happy with the V500.

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    Epson Perfection V500 Settings

    Well Brad I am really happy after you helped me learn how to use it. The manual is a bit hard to get around in, but that is my only gripe. I scanned some 6X7 negatives taken in the 1990's and had never printed. They were fantastic! Really a great device to have and will eliminate a lot of wet darkroom work. Your willingness to help and the video is greatly appreciated.
    All the Best

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