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Thread: Flash guide number pinhole

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    Flash guide number pinhole

    I bartered for a flash I had been visiting at a local store for a couple years...didn't like the price back then, but traded in a gift certificate today & came home with an Agfatronic 643CS & what appears to be a Metz SCA341 dedicated cable adapter...but it fits the Agfa...I'm confused...

    I plan on using the 'test' button and a PC cable.

    GN is 210 at ISO 100...I"m hoping that might have enough lightning for pinhole...the puny little ones I had before were like 33 or so .

    Any GN comments for pinhole flash?



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    Flash guide number pinhole

    Guide numbers are guide numbers for pinholes or lenses. If you have a pinhole f/ number of 210, the flash would have to be about a foot from the subject. My White Lightning 1600 with a GN of maybe 700 with the right reflector barely suffices for close-ups with a 4x5 pinhole camera at f/256. Perhaps your new flash will do well with a 35mm pinhole camera and fast film. Some of the flash bulbs we used decades ago put out a lot of light, but are scarce now.

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    Flash guide number pinhole

    multiple pops

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