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Thread: 4x5 Brownie

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    4x5 Brownie

    I have a 4x5 lens board and film holders and I could find an old cheap lens. What would it take to make a 4x5 fixed focus camera like an old Brownie ?

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    4x5 Brownie

    Here is a black foamcore 4x5 (that could easily be executed in wood): The front could have a lens instead of a pinhole very easily. It could have a bracket behind the lens for waterhouse stops.

    Joe Van Cleave's sliding box camera is a little more elaborate, but the idea is there. Look at Tom Persinger's post on the primitive cameras made at his recent workshop as well.

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    4x5 Brownie

    I think the critical part would be to find the ideal point the lens would be to the film plane and be in focus ? Then understand where the depth of field would be at any given aperture, correct ?

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    4x5 Brownie

    Another reason I am thinking about this is to make a simple wet plate collodion camera and buy this kit.

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