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Thread: digital negatives ?

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    digital negatives ?

    Are there any good articles , tutorials or tips about making paper negatives with an ink jet printer ? It might be fun to make a negatives and try my hand at some salt prints. Alos what about scanning paper negatives made form a pinhole camera do scan and print well ? I have a epson 2450 scanner and 4000 printer.

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    digital negatives ?

    You might want to try the Digital Negative forums HybridPhoto at

    I have scanned a paper negative but it was a "satin" paper that had a bit of texture. Did not scan well. Glossy paper negatives would work better. Dust and scratches filter in Photoshop will save hours of spotting. Even with a freshly cleaned scanner (both sides of the glass) and photo, I still had some dust. A setting of 2 or 3 took care of most of the dust.

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    digital negatives ?

    Glossy photo paper negatives scan pretty well, since the glossy surface doesn't contribute much in the way of unwanted texture to the image. The only caveat I'd offer is to limit how dense the highlights get; many scanners - at least my Epson scanner - can't handle dense highlights as well as they handle the faint shadow detail. So you'd want perhaps under-expose the paper negative a bit, avoiding the really dark highlights.

    As for outputting a paper negative from a printer, for chemical printing, I haven't tried that at all; this sounds like something you should do and report back to us. I could see this as a good way to go from digital capture to silver prints.


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    digital negatives ?

    I think I will buy some salt print chemicals and give the digital negative a try and report back here.

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    digital negatives ?

    I made some test with Inkjets prints as negative for contact printing. It works well. It works best with a thinner inkjet paper with no structure and no marks from the supplier on the back.

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