I got some ERA 100 4X5 film, bought through Ebay, and put a few sheets through my usual test procedure. I use the front of my garage which is white and open one of the doors to give me deep shadows. I shoot at mid day on a “Key” day (bright sun, no clouds, as bright as I will ever get In Iowa). The metering (Pentax Digital Spotmeter) was:

VIII (16.)-Brightest white on front of garage door.
VII (15.)-Cement in sun
VI (14.)-High values on wood fence in sun
V (13.)-Black trash can in sun
IV (12.)-Medium blue garage in shade
III (11)-Inside garage in sun
II (10.)- Inside garage in shade

Nice 7 stop range with detail in all of the areas.

Development was in HC-110(b), 1 minute pre soak, 10:00 minutes, continuous agitation in a roller drum, fixed tin T-4 for 4 minutes. I estimated the development according to the Iford times for HP4 as recommended by the manufacturer.

I think the exposure times are pretty close but I need to retest for development times. I am going to guess they will need to be 20-30 % lower than I initially anticipated, I appears the film is at or above it’s 100 asa rating which is a bit of a surprise.

Here is a scan of the 3 second exposure, auto adjust off.
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