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Thread: Columns of the Archives

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    Columns of the Archives

    Hi Everyone,

    Here's a 2 minute f/138 exposure recorded on Fuji 160 4x5 color film at the U.S. National Archives in Washington, DC.

    Have a nice day,

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    Columns of the Archives

    Great framing Scott, and the tones on the columns are so creamy in color. (actually looks strangely like plastic)
    It's a beaut.

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    Columns of the Archives

    Great shot! The colours work well.

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    Columns of the Archives

    This is excellent, Scott. I've seen (and admired) many of your black-and-white architectural shots, but I think this is the first color one I've seen (at least the first in a long while). I agree with Drifter that color works very well here, with the creaminess of the structure set against the plain blue. And the framing is dead on. Really nice!

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    Columns of the Archives

    Thanks a lot, all of you! The closest column has some grain visible in it, but the other columns, being more distant, have that creamier look. Mark, it's interesting that you referenced "plastic". I had wondered whether, for the ultimately dramatic architecture pinholes, one could do MACRO shots using small, incredibly elaborate architectural models (of purely "fictional" structures, created just for the pinhole photos)...


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    Columns of the Archives

    Here is an example of Bethany de Forest's work. Your micro-architecture macro-pinhole is essentially what she's doing. I truly admire her work.

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