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Thread: 2010 Wildflower season - color pinhole

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    2010 Wildflower season - color pinhole

    I have experimented this spring with a new thing (for me), pinhole wildflowers! I start this thread with what I feel is my greatest technical accomplishment.

    This shot is called "Fiddlenecks". I was trying to get the Fiddlenecks to be embraced by background flowers on those hills, but what happened was I got mostly Fiddlenecks. It was this photograph that made me look at the Fiddlenecks differently. Now I do not consider them as weeds. They are beautiful! Look at the detail I got (and it was a windy day too!).

    Taken with Zero Image 4x5 Deluxe on Ektachrome E100VS, then scanned at 2400 dpi then resized to upload here. Attached files

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    2010 Wildflower season - color pinhole

    This one called "New Life At Soda Lake". Soda Lake is only wet a few months a year. It is an alkaline lake that formed in the middle of the Carrizo Plains. There is no water outlet which is why it became salinated and alkalinated. Most of the year, the weather is the extreme. Extreme hot, extreme cold. Not much grows in Carrizo Plain except for grass and wildflowers. And surrounding Soda Lake is a ring of Salt Bush. Even though the extremes, life still makes the most of a bad situation and here we have goldfields announcing their joy for spring!

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    2010 Wildflower season - color pinhole

    Nice shots. I especially like the first one, with the profusion of flowers in the foreground.

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