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Thread: doublet on the negative

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    doublet on the negative

    Here two examples of a double exposure on the negative. Both made with the Zero image.
    Difficult to previsualize the final picture. and how long the two shutterspeeds must be to achieve the most satisfying result.

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    doublet on the negative


    the first one is nice... but the second pic is ANIMAL, absolutely ANIMAL.

    I'm loving your submissions so far, but this image takes the biscuit altogether.

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    doublet on the negative

    Oh, yeah!! #2 - lovely dreamscape!
    Great combination...


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    doublet on the negative

    Both interesting their own way, number two is definitely a "story" waiting to be told. You have your mission, proceed post haste

    I have found that pre-pinhole "planned" double exposures were hit and mainly miss affairs. In pinhole the "happy accidents" have been a pleasure to discover.

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