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Thread: Summer 2010 Print Swap!

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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    Working on another group:
    Bob (PhotoBob)
    Shane (Isis)
    ...need 2 more participants.

    The groups are formed. I joined 2 groups so we would have enough for 3 groups of 4 persons each.
    I sorted the list of names using random numbers and divided into 3 groups:

    Group 1. EarlJ, MarkB, Evan (banana_legs), Ralph Y
    Group 2. BradJudy, seoirse, ChrisP, Dave (DRC)
    Group 3. MarkB, Erin (erinMalone), Danny (dannykalkhoven), Marv

    Let's exchange addresses by email and try to complete the exchanges by the end of August.


    [original post below]
    This will be the Summer Print Swap '10. Thanks Danny for suggesting it... it's been too long since our last swap.
    Here are the rules. Let me know if you have suggestions or serious objections.
    1 - Reply to this thread if you are interested and I'll add your name to the list.
    2 - If you would like to be in more than one group just indicate the number of groups in your reply.
    3 - Sign up will close by July 4. I'll finalize the list then and let you know.
    4 - I'll pick groups of 4 selected randomly. I won't include or exclude, just randomize the list and count off groups of 4 unique participants.
    5 - Once the groups are formed you should send at least one fine print to each of the other 3 participants in your group.
    6 - Matting, framing are not required. But package them well enough to survive the trip in top shape.
    7 - I suggest you try to complete the exchanges by end August.
    8 - Send any form of lensless image, no restriction on size or format.

    Starting the list now...
    Evan (banana_legs)
    Ralph Y
    Danny (dannykalkhoven)
    Dave (DRC)
    Erin (erinMalone)
    ...see, that's how it works. C'mon now, give and receive!

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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    Thanks for volunteering, Mark. Sign me up for one group. Anywhere in the world.

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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    Thanks Mark,

    Put me in for a group too. I am happy to send worldwide.

    Best regards,


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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    Make that one more for 0ne group, I'll ship worldwide also.

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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    Thanks, Mark. I'm in. One group, worldwide.

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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    Mark, great, thanks for picking up!

    Count me in for one group wordwide


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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    I'm up for it. Put me down for one group, and I'm happy to ship worldwide.

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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    I'm in - havent done one of these in a while. Love getting new work.

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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    Count me in too.

    Worldwide also.

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    Summer 2010 Print Swap!

    I'd be interested in joining in. I'm just starting a class to learn to develop and print, so I should soon be able to do my own prints.

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