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Thread: scanner camera works!

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    scanner camera works!

    thanks to the initial inspiration of timeruinsbelief and his link to gombewski's site, and then the wisdom and technical advice of imagemaker, moot, and josh, my first homemade lens camera is working. the bellows and lens are from different reproduction machines, the rest is just 1/4" ply and the sliding arm clamp from another abandonded lighting system. it still needs some finishing touches, but i couldn't resist scanning an image or two. the usb cable won't let me get too far from the lens, but the objects behind me are well-focused. no focusing glass yet- just previews, and i haven't registered vuescan yet(hence the $$$).

    and it is relatively lightweight.

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    scanner camera works!

    the detail above shows the disassembled scanner, with left to right the lens (for diffusing the led light), the pinhole array, the enclosure for the sensor, and the sensor. and the results:

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    scanner camera works!

    What, you have a magic wand or something? Weren't you just asking questions about this yesterday, and now a day later you have an electronic view camera?

    One that works nicely, I might add.

    Wasn't IM saying something about sandbagging in over in the pinhole forum...

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    scanner camera works!

    staft, you are some kind of genius...

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    scanner camera works! it sputnik has arrived and staft is in the money or not

    there was me thinking a couple of loo rolls and cardboard tape, well black tape is a given : ) and all the time you had the bellows and frame. so all I need is to disassemble those parts to 'break' my scanner? It seems almost too simple.

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    scanner camera works!

    staft, you know the technique to make a ground glass using sears valve grinding compound? if not, let me know and i'll write it up for you. very easy takes about 20 minutes. (for a 4x5)

    great, great, GREAT work!

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    scanner camera works!

    thanks, all- this really did fall together pretty fast. but then, i was just housing an idea /concept already proven by others, and had already collected the parts. and the case isn't finished, yet. but when it is, i will try doing some beach scans. i have read that gels/filters are needed outdoors- any suggestions for buying 8.5"x11" gels, or which to buy?

    this is larger than it needed to be, because i had the bellows already, but if i ever have the chance to make paper negatives, it will transfer to using 16x20 negatives!

    time to buy the software and play. pm me if anybody wants to mod a scanner like this one- that was the only scary/difficult part.

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    scanner camera works!

    Nice work!!

    I didn't sliver away enough of the melted plastic holding the sensor onto the bottom of the housing and just snapped my sensor. Damn!

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    scanner camera works!

    Oh, did you check out SANE? You can use it to drive the scanner for free. There are several front-ends for it, including SANE-TWAIN, which is, shockingly, a SANE to TWAIT bridge that allows you to drive the scanner from any TWAIN host like the GIMP or Photoshop.

    and for the front-ends

    I don't know if you program, but if you want to hack the CanoScan driver, it's in the plustek backend.

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    scanner camera works!

    noicolai, sorry about the sensor. and i was worried because i accidentally touched it! i have been to the sane site, but their links to mac osx versions were not working. unfortunately, i am not a programmer, and can barely manage basic coding.
    i think i will give sane one more try this evening, before i buy vuescan.

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