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Thread: Big, medium and small folding cameras

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    Big, medium and small folding cameras

    Amazing; I like these. Functional, and a matching set.

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    Big, medium and small folding cameras

    Thanks for all the nice comments.

    I finally found some time to re-make the front standard, bellows and baseboard for the baby camera.

    I discovered that I had a roll of black craft paper that was almost light-proof; and two layers definitely are. After a bit of maths, I finally worked out where to put all the folds for the necessary double-taper bellows.

    I made the bellows so that they are removable this time, although being only double thickness paper, they fold up very small anyway. The front standard also has a simple lens plate design so I can swap lenses very easily. I also have a 62mm filter ring mounted on a lens plate so that all my existing lenses and pinholes can be mounted to all 3 of my cameras still.

    The first image shows the camera folded; the velcro straps used to hold the ground glass in place double up for holding the tailboard for transport.
    The second image is with the front standard adjusted for fun!

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    Edit: A pinhole image taken with the new version of the baby camera is Attached files

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    Big, medium and small folding cameras


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    Big, medium and small folding cameras

    Lovely craftsmanship, Evan. I will be folding a bellows for my 8x10 camera soon, so I will know what you went through . . .

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    Big, medium and small folding cameras

    Nice going. I really like how you've merged high functionality with relatively straightforward construction. You usually see either function or simplicity of construction in these home built cameras; rarely both. Could learn a few things by looking at your designs here.

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    Big, medium and small folding cameras

    Evan the concept of this series of cameras is absolutely fantastic..10/10

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    It has been a while since I made any cameras, but I did recently find the pictures I took of the final piece of equipment in this series; the 5x7. The construction is similar and the bellows are made from two layers of craft paper (which is a little scary when it starts to rain!). Hopefully these images will give others a few ideas.

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    Very nice design, well done. Regarding the craft paper bellows, it's a neat idea. Myself, I've made a test bellows from a single layer of thick black craft paper with 1" wide black gaffers tape applied to all the folds.

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