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Thread: Bleriot Plage Diptych

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    Bleriot Plage Diptych

    I swept the chimney a few weeks ago and harvested another bag of soot for printing with. Previously I have scraped the soot from within the grate itself,yielding a classic 'lampblack' colour. This time my soot came from much higher up the chimney and has a far richer, almost chocolaty colour that I really like.

    The glop (3x A4 sheets worth) was 11g gelatine, 6g sugar in 150ml of water, with 3g of soot which had been ground with a little gum Arabic to make a thick paste. I spirit sensitised with 1ml of Ammonium Potassium Chromate (20% solution) to 12ml acetone. The prints are each 4"x6" onto an A4 sheet of 110lb cartridge paper which was sized with 3% gelatine, hardened with formalin.

    The images are from my cardboard stereo populist, f/125 for a few seconds 0.2mm pinhole onto Polypan-F. I enlarged them as a pair of digital negatives for printing.

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    Bleriot Plage Diptych

    I like the image on the right.

    Someday I will try this! But, I don't have a chimney. I'll have to use India Ink, etc.


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    Bleriot Plage Diptych

    Very nice. The one on the right with the "sandwaves" is super.

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