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Thread: i melt (scanner pix)2

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    i melt (scanner pix)2


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    i melt (scanner pix)2

    I see you got the focus figured out -- just before you started to melt.

    Man, that looks like a scene from an old Piers Anthony novel. Ever read "Macroscope"?

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    i melt (scanner pix)2

    a wonderful book, although it has been so many years/decades that i mostly remember how much i enjoyed it. who wrote "voyage to arcturus"? was that anthony, too?

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    i melt (scanner pix)2

    The method of star travel in "Macroscope" involved melting the humans into, literally, a bucket of slime, so they could stand the stresses of dropping the whole station into a black hole and then bouncing back out.

    I don't recall reading "Voyage to Arcturus", which means it probably wasn't Piers Anthony -- I read everything he wrote until the 4th or 5th Xanth book. Was that one of the "Dumarest of Terra" novels?

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