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Thread: Magnifying glass on a SLR

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    Magnifying glass on a SLR

    Recently I played around a little bit with simple lenses mounted on a SLR using a body cap and macro bellows. First the setup using the convex lens of a cheap magnifiying glass and a Cokin filter holder as lens board and aperture holder.

    And a few sample pictures.

    Full open aperture f/2.4 (Canon EOS 300, Lucky SHD 100, Calbe R09)

    Aperture f/4 (Canon EOS 300, Lucky SHD 100, Calbe R09)

    Canon EOS 500D, f/4

    Canon EOS 500D, f/2.4

    Canon EOS 500D, f/8.3 (with smaller apertures this lens is pretty sharp)

    More pictures in this flickr set:

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    Interesting results. I too like the flower and the leaves, very "artistic".

    I know a young man in Arizona who took various lens elements from a disassembled lens and held them in front of a DSLR and made some photos very much like yours. He also taped an element to a cardboard tube like is from a roll of toilet tissue, and then held that up to the camera's lens opening, again with very unique results.

    Experimentation can lead to some very nice work!
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    thanks for the comment Racer X! I love to see old threads resurrected with new comments! thanks (and welcome to F295!)


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