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Thread: Fall Field

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    Fall Field

    I've been rediscovering Polaroid lately, primarily by realizing that there's no point in hoarding it for too long. Pretty much use it or lose it, and so I broke open one of my last boxes of Polapan 72, already several years past expiration.

    Further encouragement came from the recent acquisition of a Mona Lisa pinhole camera that used to be sold by Pinhole Resource (Eric Renner's site, where you can still get DaVinci pinhole cameras). If you have not seen a Mona Lisa, they're pretty neat. I think it was designed as a kind of poor man's Finney pinhole camera: it has a bellows, a rail with notches, and a slider on the front for selecting among several focal lengths of pinholes and zone plates (ranging from 40mm to 150mm). I had never seen one except in Renner's book, but one came up on eBay the other week with an opening bid of $50. I ended up being the only bidder, so I'm either extremely lucky or a complete chump. Since I paid about the same as I would have for a Holga, I'm leaning toward the former.

    Anyway, here is one shot from the other day, a current favorite composition of a trio of trees down in the field below my house. Polapan 72 is 400 speed, so I was lucky the Mona Lisa has a cable release to help with making a quick exposure (no more than a quick click). Even so, the image was a bit overexposed.

    Adjusted and toned in Photoshop. Attached files

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    Fall Field

    You were extremly lucky and this camera is in very good hands. I'm sure you will take care about your Mona Lisa. This picture is excellent. It looks like a painting. Print it out on canvas. I tried it already. You will loose a little bit of resolution and sharpness (anyway not an issue for us) and the colours can look a little bit dull, but the effeect is great for pictures like this. To prolonge the exposure times you can simply use a ND filter. Move the filter a little bit around to avoid dust problems.

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    Fall Field

    Again, a fantastic image that seems more like a pastel drawing than a photo. Lovely texture in that old film.

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    Fall Field

    Another stunning image Dave. Your two images, "Fall field" and the recently posted "Polapan piling", are in a class of their own - two masterpieces!

    You are on a roll so don't stop now - use that film!!!!!



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    Fall Field

    That takes "painterly" to a new level. Great image.

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    Fall Field

    Love it!


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    Fall Field

    That's exquisite, Dave.

    Mind you, your images always are.

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    Fall Field

    Beautiful work.

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