This isn't so much of a question, but more of a vent, and to get feedback to see what others are doing. I'm getting started in Alternative Process, mostly Gum Bicrhomate and Cyanotype to start, but I imagine I'll be visiting other processes as well. I've started down the road of digital negatives, and thought I was on the good track with Mark Nelson's PDN, but then I've started reading more, and there are all these other processes. I'm sticking with Mark Nelson since I've already invested into the process. But, really, there's a few systems out there, and people who swear by all of them, probably since they "bought the book".

What amazes me is how protective people are of information with patents and everything. Alternative process negative making can't be a hugely lucrative business. I'm not talented enough to sell any photography, let alone any alternative prints I might make. It just seems like a whole lot of protective behavior where there's not a lot of revenue. In some of my other interests, there's a lot more group activity to solve problems. In photography people seem so proprietary, and go it alone rather than look to a collaborative solution. Divide and conquer versus the controlling way. Maybe it's just the mentality of photographers.

I'm not against someone trying to recoup on their efforts, not by any stretch. It just seems that with digital negatives that there's this mystique around the knowledge, and add to it the whole crossover from art to geekery. It reminds me of the early days of PC computing, and if you had a little knowledge, you could hold it over everyone else, since computers were such a mystery. Any more, things work off the shelf.

Anyhow, just venting here. What's your experience with digital negatives?