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Thread: Disagree with Ted Orland

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    Disagree with Ted Orland

    oops, sorry Doug! I see now that you already said it.
    Maybe I read it in my early-morning stupor but only subconsciously processed it. And then thought I was so clever to think of it

    Just to carry that thought one step further, though, maybe the underpinnings of great art (at least visual art) is observation. I can imagine that's an essential component of great literature, painting, photography, etc. Maybe even music and dance. Are great creative artists first great observers? And then "translators".

    OK, back to lurking before I paint myself into a corner, here!

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    Disagree with Ted Orland

    Don't go back to lurking... I like your thoughts... well put, the part about interested lives..

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    Disagree with Ted Orland

    Mary - I like your attitude. 'Interesting' puts a little too much of an ego-centric spin on it. Artists come in many flavors, and they exhibit many types of perspectives. I suspect that artistic achievement requires perception, though I doubt that perception is sufficient. I see visual art as a mapping of reality to a work designed to be perceived as art; this transformation requires processing after the perception, and here is where the life experiences of the artist come into play. I don't think that anyone can decide whose life is better suited to facilitate the transformation from perception to effective visual communication. There is a big difference between the life experiences of Andy Warhol and Andrew Wyeth, between Josef Sudek and Diane Arbus, but they all seemed to be able to make great art.

    But I guess you said the same thing when you call artists 'translators.'

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    Disagree with Ted Orland

    "I see visual art as a mapping of reality to a work designed to be perceived as art..."

    Well said, Earl. That was what I was trying to say with the reference to "translating". Mapping - I like it!
    I am getting out of my depth, though. Thank you for so nicely articulating what was a pretty unrefined thought on my part!

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    Disagree with Ted Orland

    Life is Art, interpretation makes it artistic.

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    Disagree with Ted Orland

    So far, so good, and interesting :-)

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts and visions, I like where it's going...
    And maybe some other of you great F295 contributors have something to say.

    But already it proves rewarding to post some opinion here!

    Cheers, Danny

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