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Thread: Power Line Clear-Cut

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    Rural West Virginia is by and large a hilly -- sometimes mountainous -- place. It is also a place of almost entirely above ground power lines. As a result, the hills around me are traversed by long trails of clear-cuts as these lines find their way up, down, and across the hills. In some ways, they are an eyesore -- yet another assault upon the land -- but they also have a kind of beauty, as they lead the eye along from ridge to ridge.

    Here's an image of one clear-cut not too far from where I live. I looking toward it from the opposite bank of the Cheat River, which was at the time mostly frozen over and covered with snow.

    I used one of Cezary's Vermeer 618 cameras and Kodak UC400 film. The final image was made by converting to black-and-white twice over, once using the high-contrast red option (for the sky) and once the high-contrast blue (for the snow). The two layers were then blended. Attached files

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    I'm not sure that power lines add much in the way of beauty to the landscape, but you certainly made the best of what they do provide, with some help from those nice clouds behind the ridge. You made great use of the small foreground details to balance the composition, and offer a good example of the mundane made special. Very nicely done.

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    As much as I dislike the power line clear cuts I like the occasional peak they give to the forest floor.. I noticed several interesting rock formations on a recent trip out west,, wish I had time to take the pics..

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    This vertical letterbox format is a difficult one to tame.
    To be honest, I haven't enjoyed some of your recent posts which exploited this format to the extent which I would have liked to. However I do admire your work to find compositions that fit in this frame size that can feel a little.... compressed.
    But this one does work. The gash in the landscape is repeated with the frame format & it all makes sense.
    A well thought out foreground & a dramatic sky add to make this one a winner.

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    Really nice. Brooding. I like.

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    I like it, Dave. Very dramatic sky

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    I agree with DocNelson- very brooding, foreboding sky, very nice image! thanks for posting it!

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    Thanks for the comments.

    Just for comparison, here's the same scene from only a very slightly different angle, but oriented horizontally. I don't dislike this version, though I think the absence of a dramatic sky is a big loss. Attached files

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    the horizontal shot is well composed... I just love that vertical format..

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    Power Line Clear-Cut

    The vertical has an atmosphere and tension missing in the 2nd.

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