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Thread: Coastal Walk

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    Coastal Walk

    I really love these zone plate images. They have that wonderful glow and great feeling that isn't always achieved with ZP, but when it is it's spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing these. Does anyone know if Chris E is still lurking? I'm sure he'd appreciate these...

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    Coastal Walk

    Again a great series of zone plate pictures. Excellent work!

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    Coastal Walk

    The last one is just beautiful. Second favorite is the first. You really are a master of the zone plate. I haven't got zoneplate's to work for me. They seem to suit black and white. As I said before - your pictures have a wonderful texture... like aquatint etchings.

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    Coastal Walk

    Yes these are excellent. I have found rocks to be notoriously difficult to photograph, you've done a great job.

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    Coastal Walk

    They are all gorgeous.

    Each time you post another zone plate portfolio, I run to the zone plate envelope, match a plate to a focal length, go out and make another test batch, come home, process, review, and go, "Ugh."

    Finally I know what the problem is. Today I have figured it out. I need to make another trip to Ireland!


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    Coastal Walk

    Judy, I think you menat "Georgeous"! And they are...


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    Coastal Walk

    Thank you all for your kind comments.

    Judy, I would love to see some of your zone plates, especially as the zone plate section can be quite lonely and sparsely populated by times. I'm sure they are really interesting. How about it?

    Oh...and next time you visit please drop me an email and maybe we could meet up for a shoot?

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    Coastal Walk

    I just love the second from the last image. Otherworldly

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