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Thread: Rejected series / Unexpected Outcome

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    Rejected series / Unexpected Outcome

    Quote Originally Posted by 811
    Well, driven by ... I don't know,
    I contacted a social restaurant here in my home-town, and presented the idea of a series of hands of the volunteers that work there. They liked it, because it was close and personal and privacy-protecting at the same time. Some of them don't want to have their portraits taken for various reasons.

    So in the coming weeks I will catch the cooks, waitresses and other volunteers hands on film and use this to create a small exhibition on the restaurant walls.

    Now isn't that nice ? I'm sure that if I would have been selected for LeBourget, this would not have happened

    Cheers, Danny
    That makes it more interesting to me... its environmental portraiture in a way..

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    Rejected series / Unexpected Outcome

    Excellent idea and great series of "hand" portraits. I don't understand why they rejected this great series.
    I'm sure that if I would have been selected for LeBourget, this would not have happened
    Indeed, the restaurant project is more than a compensation for the rejection.

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    Rejected series / Unexpected Outcome

    This is definitely a good example of the series carrying the concept and making the individual images more interesting. I got to the fourth pciture and wanted to go back to the first and jump between them and the others. They became more interesting in their difference and by comparison than they would be individually on their own. For this reason I can see this working very well as an exhibition and as a project, it's such a great idea. It has real depth too. I began to imagine what it would be like for the old lady to have the fingers of the young lady, realising that she once had young fingers and this opens up aspects of being and time, and as with all good poetry, death. So you have something here that provides this interesting context through which to contemplate. It's quite special. It also shows that sometimes an idea is better viewed than explained. I wouldn't necessarily have thought it anywhere near as good as it is without seeing it. Congratulations and well done.

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