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Thread: Unnatural Disasters

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    Unnatural Disasters

    I've decided to put together a set of images which I refer to as 'Unnatural Disasters'.

    These consist of images where either processing or exposure has gone wrong, there has been a fault with the camera or back or maybe the fault is just a bloomin' this first one here

    Voyager disaster - don't have a clue what happened here but the negative emulsion looks speckled and one would swear there was snow falling in the scene. I know there wasn't of course because I was there and it was a summer's evening. But I find this so irritating as I obeyed processing instructions to the letter.

    Anyone know what went wrong or has it happened to you?

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    Unnatural Disasters

    Another one here.

    This time I know what went wrong. A set of worn light seals on a film back caused the strong light to come in and cause flare. Also there was a quite a bit of flare coming from the front which reflected off the zone plate.

    Ah well. Lesson learned. Keep your Hasselblad backs well serviced every couple of years.

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    Unnatural Disasters

    Now this is a bit of a mystery. What is the black circle at the bottom right hand side all about?

    It's not in any other frame on the roll and not in any other roll either???? :-/

    Street disaster... Attached files

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    Unnatural Disasters

    I am fairly new to shooting on film so I've no idea what the speckles are in the first image but kind of like the effect to be honest. I hate it when random happenings trash a picture but I would put this one in the 'happy accidents' box.

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    Unnatural Disasters

    I like #1 the way it is the snow look work for me.

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    Unnatural Disasters

    Do you have hard water in your area? I looks like there may be deposits on the negative; front, rear, or both. That's only a guess. I like the effect though. As for #3, that's the blind spot in your eyeball don't you know....

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