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Thread: A couple new prints

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    A couple new prints

    These are some new prints I have made to include in my grad school application at AIB in Boston. This is for Christopher James' new MFA program. I have been experimenting with different preparations and papers and found for these images (and project) that this gets me what I am looking for. I simply soak the paper in a 2% ammonium chloride solution for about 4 minutes, then hang to dry. No sizing of any kind, gelatin or otherwise. I use a 15% silver nitrate solution, and glass rod coating. The image size is 8x10 on Stonehenge 90, Natural. The color of the paper is an off white, yellow/cream and adds to the feeling of age. The scans are pretty accurate for color and contrast, but are still just scans of an alternative process print - something still gets lost. Any thoughts would be appreciated, and I'd be happy to answer any questions!


    * I have previously posted neg scans of both of these images in the b and w pinhole section. Attached files

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    A couple new prints

    The second print...

    Attached files

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    A couple new prints

    Very tasty, Dave. Each print has a void in the lower right hand corner - coating defect?

    I love the color of this paper/sensitizer combination. Have you tried NaCl on the same paper?

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    A couple new prints

    Yes, it is from coating. For some reason the silver nitrate just didn't get to that corner. It kind of works for me, but I may reprint. Now that I have seen it I am more careful to get full coverage. I have not tried NaCl or anything else...yet! Just the ammonium chloride.

    I am showing work at the Feb. 16th f-stop meeting. These prints will be the ones I bring. If you still go you can see them there, otherwise maybe we can meet up sometime and I'll show you the new stuff!

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    A couple new prints

    The bathroom photo has Ben a favorite, this treatment really works. I was Luke warm on the still life in the original presentation but this print sings! it has a depth, as in 3D, and tonal range that is top notch. Even after doing this for, well a bunch of years, it's nice to still be surprised by an out come.

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