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Thread: 3 new OmegaCam shots

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    More work shot with my home made 4x5 camera. I converted an Omega D2 enlarger into a 4x5 (see previous threads for pictures). I get wonderful images with it, much better than I anticipated. It allows me to get out and do the nighttime shooting I love to do - although in the Minnesota winter it can get pretty cold! At least it gets dark early... I still can't wait for summer!

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    The second image...

    This is the same building as my B and W pinhole post "Historic Courthouse". I shot this the night before I shot the pinhole image. Attached files

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    and finally...

    This is one of my favorites. It incorporates a lot I look for in a night time shot.

    Covered boats in winter storage at a local marina on the St. Croix River - Stillwater, Minnesota. Attached files

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    Very nice, Dave. The last one is a keeper for sure.

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    Lovely, Dave! #1 is just great.
    The flare reflections in #2 are fascinating; but for the lack of stars, I'd swear you had caught two beautiful edge-on galaxies!


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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    Good photos all but I really like the first. The juxtaposition of the power pole, line and church seems to add a dynamic element that really elevates the image above the norm. The fact the pole leans at the same angle as the steeple is a real bonus (unless somebody accidentally "bumped" with their car )........

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    Thanks everyone! The night I shot these I headed out quite unexpectedly as a nice thick foggy haze developed and I knew I had to get out and shoot. The effect it had on the light was wonderful. I believe that is the reason for the flares in the second one, as they correspond with the lamp lights. The tilted power pole in the first is as found. 8)

    Actually, after shooting the first image, all I did was swivel to the left about 90 degrees to shoot the second shot. The church is connected to where I went to grade school - out of frame to the right.

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    That last shot is just incredible. If you hadn't explained it, I'd have struggled to figure it out. Either icebergs or some weird row of tents set up around a ufo crash site. I almost wish you hadn't told us :-/

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    Your results with your omegacam and enlarger lenses have inspired me so much i've started hunting for eBay deals on lenses. My first acquisition was a Schneider Componon 240 mm. I plan to use them on my Crown Graphic and can't wait.

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    3 new OmegaCam shots

    Wow, thanks! Glad I could inspire! The lens I have is a Wollensak 135mm, f4.5 'enlarging raptar'. I think it is just one of the lenses that came with the D2. Maybe not though, I really don't know.

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