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Thread: file limitations

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    file limitations

    Hi All
    Don't know what is going on but somehow the last few images I tried reducing to below 100k resulted in tiny thumbnails that pixelate badly if enlarged.

    Previously I've dropped pictures into PS7 and gone IMAGE>Image Size and adjusted the pixel dimensions til the file was somewhere below the 100k limit. But that method has stopped working for me without any obvious reason. It's a bit bizarre.

    What do the rest of you do?? Is there a better way?

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    file limitations

    Sorry that I do not know PS7, I could not afford PS then and was using Paint Shop Pro.
    I am using PS CS3 now and I use the “Save for Web and Devices” option, that strips out Exif data and allows the image size and JPEG compression to be varied easily then saves at 72 dpi.
    Without it you need to set the image size to about 600 – 700 pixels at 72dpi and then experiment with the JPEG compression if it is too big.

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    file limitations

    That gives me an idea. I'm messing about with Irfan View. Decided my problem could well be with PS. See what happens. Thanks again.

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    file limitations

    72dpi is the trick! Thanks again.

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    file limitations

    Resolution doesn't matter at all the web. 3 inches at 100 dpi is exactly the same amount of data as 1 inch at 300 dpi. A web browser will ignore the dpi and
    display both at exactly the same size. The total number of pixels and compression are what determine file size on a JPEG.

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    file limitations

    Nick's right - it's the pixel size that counts for web display.
    On these forums, up to 600 px wide is pretty good; wider than that, and nearly everyone has to scroll to see the entire image.

    The file size limitation of <100kB is a different animal entirely.
    To achieve that, play with the "File Quality" settings when you save the jpeg.
    That controls how much compression is used, slowly reducing quality as you tune it to a smaller file size.

    Aaannd, I'll throw in another pitch for my favorite, free, simple image viewer, cropper, color-corrector, resizer, etc.: Image Viewer


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    file limitations

    Interesting because after I dropped to 72 dpi I got viewable results. Anyway, I'll bear all these points in mind in future, although as I stated before I never had a problem until very recently. Nice heads up on Faststone - I'll check it out.

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