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    Wych Hazel

    I found this pinhole camera in the cellar yesterday. I made it a few years ago. It's a square tin, fl=30mm or less. anyway I did some quick reckoning and decided I'd kick out with a working f.stop around f146.

    I loaded with unflashed paper, reckoning to be ISO 6, placed the box in the tree pointing upwards to the sky and exposed for approx 4 minutes in late afternoon light, cloudy and completely overcast. The poor angle of view seems to give a particular character. I can see me using this one again. Distinctly pinhole paper negative.

    flatbed scan and inversion in PS. Attached files

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    Wych Hazel

    Interesting; very "film noir".....I like that.

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    Wych Hazel

    That might be better emphasised if I pulled out some detail from the building - the windows are almost there. But hang on, don't we need a shady figure exhaling cigarette smoke?

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    Wych Hazel

    You need detective Sam Spade .

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