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Thread: Cleethorpes Pier

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    Cleethorpes Pier

    Unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago I found myself with the family visiting Cleethorpes, on the coast of North East Lincolnshire, England, looking out to the North Sea. I love out of season seaside resorts probably more than in season. I was on the pier playing with some framing when this middle aged woman approached me and asked me If I wanted a cigar? I must look like a bloke that smokes cigars. "It's alright thanks ..." She sat down with a bottle of cider, I wished her well and moved under the pier. You can't beat moments like that. No one has ever offered me a cigar before. (Maybe I really do need a view camera!)

    I was out with a converted Lubitel sporting a Zoneplate Sieve 75mm/f.90. I was testing it out for black and white - it delivers well with colour but I'm looking to it as a B&W tool. It was loaded with XP2, figuring if it goes well I'll top it up with some HP5+.

    Dreams eh?

    Guess I'm having a bad week. I've been trotting in and out of the darkroom and everytime emerging with widely over exposed or under exposed rubbish.

    So I was holding out for my Cleethorpes film to lift the mood. Most of the exposures were in the guestimate camp so i was reasonably ok with the results but ...

    Ahhhh. What are those track lines? Have I got a problem here??

    Oh well, a couple of views from under the pier ...

    Pier 1 taken on a tripod
    Pier 2 handheld Attached files

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    Cleethorpes Pier

    Brilliant images !

    I love the cigar story too. ;D

    Oddly enough even though it was handheld I like the greater simplicity

    of the second image here.

    I look forward to seeing more of these.

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    Cleethorpes Pier

    I agree. I like the abstraction in the images (and the story ;D)

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