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Thread: Bathing Places

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    Bathing Places

    Where I live by the coast we have a number of nice places where one can go to have a swim.

    Two particularly popular places are The Spingboards and The Captains.

    Pics 1 & 2 The Springboards

    The Springboards (or colloquially The Springers) got its name from the fact that it had two very fine springboards from which you could dive into the water at high tide. These were subsequently damaged in some storms several decades ago and were never replaced.

    It also had a metal platform some 60 metres out to which we used to swim and dive. This platform was known as 'The Girder'.

    Recently, Fingal County Council decided to refurbish the Springers by replacing the seating areas and they also erected wheelchair friendly access complete with railings.

    Now, the Council has come under some criticism for the aesthetic appeal of the development which, it must be said, owes much to the ehhhh... Albanian school of Architecture...that is to say it owes more to form than function.

    Utilitarian it may be, but it is still a nice place from which to swim or simply to sit on a nice day looking out to sea, the islands or the beach at Skerries.

    Hasselblad with 75mm zone plate (pinhole)

    Fuji 400 developed in Rodinal Attached files

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    Bathing Places

    Pics 3 & 4 - The Captain's

    A bathing place some 200 metres from the Springers but which has much deeper water for diving and swimming is The Captain's.

    These pics were taken on a squally summer evening which was punctuated by summer sun and showers.

    Hasselblad with 75mm zone plate. Exposure f65 at about 1/8 of a second.
    Attached files

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    Bathing Places

    Picture 5 North Bull Island

    Very close to the port of Dublin there is an island which can be accessed by an old wooden bridge and causeway. The North Bull Island is a wonderful stretch of dune land and beach which is home to many types of birdlife and also contains two excellent links golf courses as well as a fine beach.

    At the southernmost end is a peninsula from which there are several bathing places for both men and women and at the end of the peninsula there is a tall slender pedestal with a statue of the Virgin Mary placed on top.

    On the day I visited there was bright light but it was extremely cold and blustery and the beach was crammed with kite surfers and windsurfers.

    Hasselblad with 75mm zone plate (a type of pinhole)

    Fuji 400 Rodinal 1:50 for 14 mins Attached files

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    Bathing Places

    Picture 6 North Bull Island (furthermost bathing place)
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    Bathing Places

    I think that you have a nice series here.

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    Bathing Places

    George, a worthy addition to your growing maritime theme. Your images captivate me - I find your subject matter and the zone plate approach "hauntingly beautiful" (and I mean this as a sincere compliment!).

    I look forward to many such images in future. Apart from an exhibition do you perhaps intend publishing a book one day? (Blurb etc.)

    Regards and best wishes,


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    Bathing Places

    Thank you so much Jon & Lawrie.


    I may well look into the idea of a blurb book once I get to the end of the safe havens project.

    In the meantime I have an awful lot of locations to shoot and I keep coming across different bathing places so this piece of work is now adding to my time constraints.

    So many photographs, so little time.

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    Bathing Places

    This is shaping up into another beautiful series, George. The light in these is just fantastic, especially in the photos with railings (the glow is lovely).

    I hope you find the time to keep up with this project (and the others).

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    Bathing Places

    I like the austere compositions of these pictures. Perfect for zone plate. 5 and 6 are my favourites.
    Bet it's cold!

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    Bathing Places

    Pic 7 - The Captains

    This is another one from my visit to the Captains bathing place but I chose to show it without the safety railings. This is how most locals prefer to remember the way it was before the health & safety 'police' began to think that we were unable to cope.

    What I find strange and appealing about zone plate is how the wave in the foreground is soft and blurry yet the horizon line is sharp.
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