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Thread: Cleethorpes Street

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    Cleethorpes Street

    Having blown a few frames on the sands, I headed along the promenade to try a bit of street photography. Here's a funny thing - in my head I switched mentally to a 35mm wide angle forgetting I had a 75mm super soft imaging device. That's a learning point for the future, put some distance in there. Anyway, it's handheld. The subject was moving, I was moving and we both paused for a split second and I hit the shutter but it caught some movement. It kind of captures something. I find it curiously magnetic.

    That nasty line is really visible on this one. Attached files

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    Cleethorpes Street

    Looks like you have created your own "Mona Lisa's Smile".......

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    Cleethorpes Street

    Cheers Marv
    You just renamed it! I think it's the smile that makes this one. (Well there's not really much else there!) If I can sort out that fault line I'll do more street.

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    Cleethorpes Street

    that's cool....looks like that Pete Campbell character from 'Mad Men'.

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    Cleethorpes Street

    This looks to me like a doll head. The line give it more of a diptychish look.

    Cheers -


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