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    storage cabinet

    My wife's parents have moved out of their house to a new apartment.
    Of we helped them clean out & move. They are of age, and couldn't do it themselves.

    Strange to help people out of their home, in which they have lived for over 40 years, and my wif has grown up there.

    But anyway, I took the opportunity to take some pinhole shots in the old storage cabinet.
    It's the Dutch equivalent of a cellar. We don't have that much space here :-)

    Another expansion for my B/B series, this time with a darker atmosphere.

    Have a look!

    Cheers, Danny Attached files

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    storage cabinet

    and the other one

    Attached files

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    storage cabinet

    nice color...

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    storage cabinet

    I do like these found interior still lifes (lives?). Reminiscent of Eggelston in a way. Thank you.

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