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Thread: Griffith Observatory

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    Griffith Observatory

    Griffith Observatory Shots, f235, PanF+, poorly processed film: bird of paradise ~4; telescope shadow ~ 10 seconds

    It was a tremendous photo place, my favorite spot in L.A. Several non-pinholes located here:

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    Griffith Observatory

    Posted some new Griffith shots (much better scans on the film...amazing what a quality scanner can do)
    Ilford PanF+, all about 4 seconds in full sun, f235
    Wrote about here:

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    Griffith Observatory

    Very nice! The scans really show the quality of the original images.

    When I saw the first of these new scans, what popped into my mind was,
    "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!"


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    Griffith Observatory

    Thanks Dave.
    And thanks for teaching me a new cultural reference.

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    Griffith Observatory

    Herschel - don't you recognize the words that saved us all from certain death? Go back and watch The Day The Earth Stood Still one more time . . .

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    Griffith Observatory

    Sad to report, despite being a huge sci-fi buff I've never seen the movie. I've put it on my list of must dos.

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    Griffith Observatory

    That movie is a classic!

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    Griffith Observatory

    The first one is a stunner. Very abstract. Nice.

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    Griffith Observatory

    BVY, thanks
    And happy to report that I watched "The Day the Earth Stood Still" with my wife the other night. We both enjoyed it quite a bit. Thanks for showing me the light, Dave.

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    Griffith Observatory

    For those who may not be able to watch the full version, have a look at this:


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