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Thread: Film transport problem

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    Film transport problem

    Before I trash another film I would like a second opinion. The camera is a modified 120 rollfilm Lubitel 166 Universal (that's the one with the spacial back door that flips open when you are half way through exposing your film ... it's a neat trick that those pesky commies concocted to facilitate the aesthetic appreciation for light leaks). I digress ...

    Have a quick look at this picture. What is the cause of that fault line? I'm thinking it is likely the rollers but there is nothing obvious when I look at them. On the Rollieflex TLR (Lubitel is a super cheap imitation) the film travels under the first roller and over the second roller onto the take up spool. On a Lubitel it travels over both rollers onto the take up. I'm thinking that if it is the rollers I might be able to mash a fix with wafer thin lens cleaning tissues wrapped around the rollers, but anyway, is there any concensus on the cause of this type of marking? Attached files

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    Film transport problem

    Good morning Polutropus,
    I cannot tell you what caused the line, yet.
    I can tell you that the way that the film transports over the film rollers in the Lubitel 166 did not cause the mark. Nor in the many other cameras including older Rolleis that run the film over and not under the rollers.
    The line should look black or at least dark when you hold it up to the light, is this correct?
    This dark line on the NEGATIVE, does it continue in the blank space BETWEEN the negatives, connecting them? Most important observation.
    Please past a scan of two connected negatives with the borders showing and the connecting clear film between and line showing.
    Where does the line start, at the beginning or frame 1 OR somewhere else? Where does it end?
    Could the film be damaged, fogged, x rayed before it is loaded in your camera OR after you remove it yet before you develop it?
    Post some more images please,
    Sam H.

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    Film transport problem

    Thanks Sam
    I don't have a film scanner capable of 6x6 so I can't share the negs, although I have to say that even under the brightest light the negatives look to hold no useful information and I can't trace that line across the blank space. I've observed this before with pinhole and ZP, you have a lovely print in your hand but if you had judged it by the neg you would never have printed it in the first place. Of course I have an aesthetic taste that is not especially valued or shared! When I get round to it I'm going to start developing in rodinal which I suspect will give quite different results. Anyway give me a bit of time as I'm going to run the film back through the negative carrier and inspect the image through the enlarger where I will be better able to scrutinise. At least I feel reassured that it isn't the rolllers. Cheers again and I'll report back on my findings.

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