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Thread: Tingley Beach

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    Tingley Beach

    It's not really a beach, just a recreational area in downtown Albuquerque near the Rio Grande that features fish ponds. It was named after that venerable New Mexico politician Clyde Tingley, who back prior to WWII was Mayor, then Governor, then Senator. Then you get this named after you.

    16 second exposure on preflashed grade 2 paper negative. I metered for the bright, almost bleached white log, and gave it +1 stop.


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    Tingley Beach

    Nice work Joe .

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    Tingley Beach

    It is a nice piece, not only the tones in the foreground, but the reflections in the water out back.

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    Tingley Beach

    Really, nice Joe. Beautifully composed. Looks like a pretty wide field of view.

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    Tingley Beach

    Absolutely stunning, Joe! The tonality is film like. A great picture of a nice area.

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