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Thread: It's a girl

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    It's a girl

    My daughter's first baby. I'm feeling not older, but I'm now a grandfather.

    Here the first pinhole picture of the one week old little girl.

    Canon digital SLR EOS 500D, 0.25 mm pinhole, 1600 ASA, 4 s exposure time (today it was really bad weather and it was pretty dark even close to the window) Attached files

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    It's a girl


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    It's a girl

    Congrats! I have two grandsons, and they grow up fast!

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    It's a girl

    Congratulations, Rene!

    You won't get away with such long exposures for long....

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    It's a girl

    Congrats Rene. Wonderful news and a lovely photo. All the best to you, your daughter and new granddaughter.

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    It's a girl

    Many thanks for your comments and the congratulations.

    I don't forgot that children are growing fast (and moving fast). I hope it will be better weather with more light soon to take a few pinhole pictures with one of my film pinhole cameras. Today I had one with me, but LV 7 to 8 (indoors close to the window) leads to so long exposure times that even a newborn is not still such a long time.

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    It's a girl

    Congratulations Rene...she's absolutely gorgeous.

    Dave is right.

    You won't get many more pinhole exposures with her looking this serene. ;D

    I'm delighted for you and your family.

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    It's a girl

    A delightful photograph Rene, of a delightful little girl.

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    It's a girl

    She is a real cutie! We have 4 grand kids with one more due any day. The only time I feel older is when I try and take a picture of all of them at once .......

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    It's a girl

    Superb. Congratulations.

    Best regards,


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