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Thread: Mobile darkroom

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    Mobile darkroom

    I intend to make a mobile darkroom so I can develop paper negatives in the field and wonder if anyone has any experience in doing this or can point me to examples that have worked in the past. Any practical tips would be appreciated.



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    Mobile darkroom

    here's one i built for collodion, but it would work very well for paper negs as well.

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    Mobile darkroom

    Thanks Tom

    It looks a very effective and practical solution. I hadnt thought about using a red window to give light, good idea. Is there anything you would change if you built another one?

    Im planning on using the darkroom in rural Mocambique and possibly with community/school groups. I would like to be able to contact print in the field so I could leave/show positive prints immediately. I would need some form of stable light source for this and have been thinking about a solar powered light source.

    I cant find black-out fabric here in Mocambique so any tips on good material to use would also be helpful.



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    Mobile darkroom

    Well, there's this lengthy thread about my portable paper negative processing darkroom-box. But, it doesn't have a viewing window. Although, due to a sudden interest in pursuing collodion work, I'm thinking about modifying the top lid to include a red-filtered viewing port.

    My darkbox is large enough to easily process 4x5, and 5x7 is possible, too. The three-drawer plastic storage cube that works as the chemical trays is ideal for paper negative processing (developer, stop, fix) and another water-filled storage bin can be included inside the box for a holding tank for rinsing.

    I've used this darkbox, on a portable folding camping table, at a local park, to get practice in processing paper out in public.

    I'm also working toward getting proficient at doing direct-positives, and then I'll be able to offer people a portrait without the intermediary step of drying the negative and contact printing & processing the final print.


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