This hasn't happened to me for a long, long time...
At Schiphol airport, awaiting a business trip (see my London entry at the color section) I loaded a roll of film.
But s I was a little hasty to get some airport shots, I loaded a roll of B&W, Kodak Tmax 400.
And I only noticed when I took the exposed roll :-/ out

So much for my reputation of an experienced and attentive photographer ;D

But Anyway, here are two shots, first of the airport library, which was new to my, I don't fly that often.
As always, the 6X6 superwide exaggerates perspective, if you look good you see someone reading in the back.
In reality this person was only 1.5 meters away...

I should do this more often, B&W work.Intentionally !
Although I threw away my darkroom stuff, the Tmax is good in the scanner

Cheers, Danny
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