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Thread: A Potter At Work-Homemade

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    A Potter At Work-Homemade

    Wow its' very impact work. Beautiful effect of lens, very good work

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    A Potter At Work-Homemade

    The single images are beautiful, the series is stunning.
    I doubt if a more charming and atmospheric explanation of the potter at work has ever been made.
    Someone phone Germany and tell them not to bother making any more lenses ;D

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    A Potter At Work-Homemade

    A great series of pictures. The simple lens works very well. From picture to picture the center and the hands is sharper and the cup gets its more defined form. Excellent!

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    A Potter At Work-Homemade

    These are terrific, Lawrie. The first one in particular is one of the best I've seen of this type of image.

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    A Potter At Work-Homemade

    I agree with Steve, the first is an very fine photograph....something about the pressing fingers and knuckle in the center of the pottery.. really great photo.
    How does the missus like them?

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