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Thread: Cyanotype - 10 times faster

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    Cyanotype - 10 times faster

    Interesting thread!
    A question was asked about the cyanotype rex process. This is Terry King's "re-invention", in which the paper is sensitized with ferric oxalate and developed with potassium ferricyanide. You have to buy the PDF from him to get the details but that's the basic idea.

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    Cyanotype - 10 times faster

    Thanks Mary,

    Looks like Rex is the same method, but just slightly different chemistry. I am guessing it is Ammonium Ferric III Oxalate that is used; luckily I have some so it may be a busy weekend!

    Best regards,


    Edit: With further thinking, Ferric Oxalate plus a bit of acid may be better ...

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